The 5 sites all bloggers should visit today.

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1| Canva


Canva guides the graphically challenged and helps you create custom designs. The site is user friendly and the high quality images are not the usual cringe-worthy stock photos some of us bloggers fall victim too.

2 | Death to Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photos

Speaking of those heinous stock photos, Death to Stock Photos is the exact opposite. Subscribers receive a free zip file of photos every month with varying themes. Sure, you never know what you’re going to get ( cue Forest Gump reference) but over time you will build an arsenal of beautiful pictures you can display on you site with pride.

3 | Photjojo

Photo JoJo

Photojojo is perfect for both the aspiring photographer and the well-worn filmmaker. This site a virtual candy store for anyone looking to enhance their iPhone capabilities, or the on-the-go blogger who may need a perfectly lighted fold-up studio on hand.

I present to you…

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Five Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Online Donations

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This post is part of a series on nonprofit technology. Click here to see part IV

It’s a tough fact of life, but most nonprofit organizations simply don’t have the time, resources or know-how to keep their online presences up-to-date. With 84 percent of not-for-profits lacking mobile-optimized donation landing pages, it’s clear that most organizations aren’t exactly on the cutting edge. The problem is: How can a nonprofit balance tight budgeting with frequent technological progress?

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Mundy On Bears’ D: ‘Sky’s The Limit’

Originally posted on CBS Chicago:

(CBS) A year after setting franchise records for futility, the Bears defense has been revamped.

But will it truly be different? Only time will tell, but for now one newcomer has given his stamp of approval in the season’s early going.

Safety Ryan Mundy feels confident in the defense’s progress after the starters picked off Eagles quarterback Nick Foles twice and pitched a shutout in the first quarter of the preseason-opening win Friday.

“The sky’s the limit for us,” Mundy said in an interview with Matt Spiegel and Matt Abbatacola on 670 The Score on Monday morning. “We’ve been working extremely hard … We got off to a great start last week against the Eagles. Now we got to keep the ball rolling. Our mantra this year is ‘toughness and takeaways.’ If we feel like we can do those two things throughout the course of 16 games, we’ll be all…

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Chasing Cool – This Month’s Must Read Book

I was reading an article in an issue of GQ about a book called Chasing Cool by Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman. From the first page, I was captivated by the stories that are in this book. The perspective that this book gives on the concept of cool is different from the conventional view of what cool is. The writers are from two different worlds, Noah Kerner is a DJ and Gene Pressman is a fashion icon which gives the book multiple views of what cool means in different industries.  This is a must read for anyone that is interested in understanding what makes something cool or not. This books take on the concept of cool is a refreshing view of what cool was, is and will be. Check out the website for more information

GQ Selects Online Retailer Park & Bond

1. Michael Bastian Snap Zip Cargo Pants

This is the best cargo pant on the planet. It solves everything a guy is concerned about with cargos. It has a sophistication and a slimness, it fits like your favorite pair of khakis, and it’s not overly pocketed. With just one pocket, you’ve got the right amount of utility. Side pockets, unless you’re a really slim guy, just are not that attractive.

Available at


Priest Star Cam Gigandet in Clothes with Color: Wear It Now: GQ

Dig the New Hues
The colors we’re talking about here are vivid, richly saturated, and offbeat—not pastels or the same old primaries.

Suit $1,350 and shirt $295, by Calvin Klein Collection. Loafers $595, by Prada. Bracelet, by Miansai by Michael Saiger.


The Complete GQ Guide to Dressing for Less: Wear It Now: GQ



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