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Chicago Bulls Jersey Snapback Red

Today’s Hat Pick


Cost: $30.00 USD

Size: OS

Where To Buy

Maybe this would look fresh with the Jordan 11’s Red PE if those ever drop? Just a thought…

To The Wordsmith

Impressions of India

Ron Mayhew

 It is impossible to not be in awe of what is India. She is at once chaotic, unruly, exaggerated and constantly in motion.

The pace of life is frenetic and I believe all of India must be sleep deprived.

It is impossible, at least for me, to fully understand, much less describe her. And that’s the fascination.

Images of India Offering Diyas, River Ganges, Varanasi

I have heard that there are more billionaires minted in India each year than any other country in the world.

But that is not what attracts me. My India is rather tattered and frayed. And orange.

Especially the northern portion. Everything has a coating of orange from the polluted, smog filled air and blowing dust from the arid land.

Images of India Kumba Mela, Allahabad

Saffron, a color that symbolizes all aspects of Hinduism, is the color of sadhus and saints,

ascetics and sages. It is the color of the holy…

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Upcycled Homes | Repurposed for Modern Living

Elephant origami

A Poet’s Thanks

Sam Bartholomew's Writing Blog

I’m but a little flame
flickering in the night
a warm and hopeful yellow,
casting dull shadows on the walls
Igniting what experience
and reflection impart to me;
and every “like”
every comment
every subscription
is fuel for the fire
of my existence.
Because of you
I will one day burn
in the hearts of millions.

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Soul Food

Konscious Kings

I’ve been feeling like I need to stop, drop and roll

because this poetry’s on fire, it’ll rock your soul.

Make you feel it in your toes, elbows and chest.

Eliminating negativity, depression and stress.

Blessed is how you will feel, once you’re fed and full

take a pull on this knowledge

bow your head and pay homage.

Feel that inferno in your belly and tell me it’s motivation

pursuing elevation, no matter the situation.

Reach for the constellations, feigning for inspiration.

Eternal exhilaration is our final destination.

– Jah Soul

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iPad artist: Michael Rose, creator of the PaperFaces project

Poem of the week: A Knocker

Making A Little Circle

By Zbigniew Herbert

There are those who grow
gardens in their heads
paths lead from their hair
to sunny and white cities

it’s easy for them to write
they close their eyes
immediately schools of images
stream down their foreheads

my imagination
is a piece of board
my sole instrument
is a wooden stick

I strike the board
it answer me

for others the green bell of a tree
the blue bell of water
I have a knocker
from unprotected gardens

I thump on the board
and it prompts me
with the moralists dry poem

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POEM: Clunker Love

Virginia the Viruliferous

You see, I’m all about this packed trunk,

all about this wide front,

all about this faded, bubbled, rusty old paint job.

It’s not about the glamor and the glitz and a rim job.

What matters is the rumble of the bass and that hot rod

engine bay.

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